Friday, December 4, 2009


Our program today was coordinated by Joan Miley, who purchased the paint and the glassware. The members were given paint, a brush, and either a wineglass or an ornament to paint on in their chosen style. Some members did more than one.

Reminder: Put your painted glass in the oven on a tray. Turn the oven on to 350 and let it bake for ½ hour. Turn the oven off BUT leave the glass in the oven until the oven cools. Then remove your glass. Until you bake the glass and paint, the paint does not set.

After everyone had a chance to paint one or two glass pieces, we had our holiday luncheon. Our thanks go to Joan Miley, who prepared and presented the meal. I heard many people saying how delicious it was, and I think some went back for seconds. J

Note: Barb Pryor reported that Mary Marxen has just gone through a 5th surgery after hip replacement. Let’s hope this time is the last surgery she has to have to repair the original replacement. I’m sure Mary would love to have a card or email from you. Her mailing and email information is in the members’ directory

Winter Weather Notice

Reminder: All members should check the local TV stations for reports of closings in the coming winter months. Winter is almost here so please remember to make it your responsibility to check the news for closings when the weather threatens. And remember, Mt. Adams is built on a hillside so what might be easy driving in your neighborhood could be very treacherous for driving and walking in Mt. Adams.

Administration/Business Reports

Shirley Knollman (President) opened the meeting with these quotes:

“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” Vincent Van Gogh

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the powerful engine of success.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Membership: Kay Sparks, wife of Larry Sparks, joined us today.

Treasurer: Alice said, with the income minus expenses for the year, and not including today’s expenses for the luncheon and program, we would end 2009 with $559. She gave a good summary of the importance of members by saying:

“Each member pays $45 a year for dues. It takes 13 members to pay our rent each year. It takes 31 members to pay for the guest speakers each year. It takes 17 members to pay for our custodian each year.”

So each member is important to the continuation and growth of the GCWS!

Election for Leadership 2010

Shirley named the candidates for the open positions:

Eileen Hulsman, President
Judi Clubb, Program Chair
Joan Miley, Facilities

Motion was raised to accept the candidates, seconded, and approved unanimously. Eileen, Judi and Joan take their new positions beginning March, 2010. (If you have program suggestions, please email or call Judi.)

Art Shows and News

Sam Hollingsworth reminded members of his winter session watercolor classes at Baker Hunt. The session begins in January and it’s not too early to sign up for beginning or intermediate watercolor with Sam.

Marilyn Bishop has opened an ETSY shop online to sell her paintings. You can explore this at Just type in mbishop71 to get to Marilyn’s site. You may want to try this to sell your work, also. It is not an auction site like eBay. You set a hard price and that is what you get, minus some administration fees from ETSY.

Critique Session

Sam Hollingsworth brought in a new painting, a surrealist view of a landscape with a river and waterfalls that wrapped around in a continuous oval. The title was “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.” Several members commented on the painting, asking questions about intent, etc. It was interesting to hear Sam’s ideas about the painting and watercolor art, in general, stressing message over technique. Sam tries to engage the viewer enough to get more than a cursory glance at his painting, even if the viewer is puzzled or disturbed by the painting.

Future Programs

January: Peggy Lisnek will teach us how to experiment with handmade paper. She will talk about the nature of handmade paper, and demonstrate how to paint on it. This process produces soft images and is a perfect way to "loosen up" your paintings. For those who will stay for the workshop, you will receive a sheet of handmade paper for your painting. Just bring your usual watercolors supplies and a simple design for your painting. Class fee $10.

February: Sam Hollingsworth’s talk and demo will feature basic design, composition and pictorial development prior to painting. Sam is a graduate of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. He will lead the paint-along after the program, which will be about "hands on illustrating." Class fee is $10.

March: Sandy Maudlin will give a talk and demo on painting with watercolors on yupo, the plastic “paper” first created for the printmaking business. Yupo is now used extensively by many well-known artists, including Sandy and George James.

April: Marilyn Bishop will give us a peek into her watercolor monotype-printmaking process. You will be able to do this without a press by using regular tools for brayers to transfer your print to your paper.